• Romantic, Decisions Decisions, & The Bird is the Word

    Achievement Hunter: Romantic, Decisions Decisions, & The Bird is the Word

    Michael and Geoff show you how to get the "Romantic", "Decisions, Decisions" & "The Bird is the Word" achievements in The Darkness II.

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Comments (9)

  • EZIOMO99

    4 years ago

    One of more odd achivements I would say...

  • oxTHExDUKExo

    4 years ago

    I love the Bird is the word achievement, it was such a random scripted event. I kind of wish there were more. Totally sells the I am a complete badass vibe.

  • jeffgale

    4 years ago

    totally appropriate... i would let my kid play it!

  • battledude

    4 years ago

    this has been the funniest but shortest lets play ever i could not stop laughing

  • Thamaturge

    4 years ago

    Monty needs to step-up and do a lets play.

  • relix73

    4 years ago


  • HAKURU_15 Triple G

    4 years ago

    fuck yeah im ready

  • raz0rblade

    4 years ago

    Now EVERYBODY on the site is going to have that song in their head all night long........

  • AustinV

    4 years ago