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Comments (75)

  • soulchicken9


    2 years ago

    i went right, and then i went right, then r, then i went rite, and wright again, right after i busted a right,I jumped a huge fuckin hole a few times while going right. went right up the stairs, went right up the flagpole, and got 3 fireworks, not 1. smiley13.gif hmmm, i must of done something RIGHT smiley13.gif

  • henryguy7


    3 years ago

    It should be a series! How to beat the first level of old games.

  • SharpieV3


    3 years ago

    well shit there's my problem i kept trying to go left it seems so obvious now in hindsight.

  • Steelkite91


    3 years ago

    You are a fucking master of Mario Marshall

  • achhaunter


    3 years ago

    You people who think he's serious are stupid. If you didn't know, he made this after the smb lets play.

  • xboxlover360


    3 years ago

    he saved my life i thought i would never get past the first level

  • pron1nja01


    3 years ago

    "there's fireworks too"
    1 firework!

  • Mfreelance


    3 years ago

    hmm, can you repeat that again, you went to fast

  • Seek4h


    3 years ago

    Finally! Now how do I do the second level?

  • supermax1998


    3 years ago

    The people who thought he was being serious are freaking idiots. Get a sense of humor!