• Syndicate

    Achievement Hunter: Syndicate

    Geoff and Jack show you how to get the Revival Meeting Achievement, as well as how to beat the final boss in Syndicate.

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Comments (10)

  • stephen6698

    4 years ago

    Why the brian cox joke?

  • maineiacs

    4 years ago

    I want this game, it looks awesome and fun.

  • The_Hybrid

    4 years ago

    I've gotta say, that pause screen was awesome

  • amacdiarmid

    4 years ago

    wait, didn't this game come out months ago. why are we getting this video now

  • supermax1998

    4 years ago


  • yourdeadwolf

    4 years ago

    comment #5 YES!!!

  • CricketDX

    4 years ago

    2012 Dot Com

  • jeffgale

    4 years ago

    i now want to buy this game just because of that sexy pause menu

  • BYOBando

    4 years ago

    Yes. It is vital to pause.

  • AKillerSp00n

    4 years ago

    is it vital to pause? XD