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Comments (17)

  • Scottaroo

    3 years ago

    Ray what are you talking about on pc I can't even make it out of the GODAMN CANYON YOU START IN!!!!!!!!!

  • johnsorb

    4 years ago

    Battlefield 3, Transformers, and Zelda. Best video commentary ever

  • Wingwolf875

    4 years ago

    At first, I thought they were flying a jet for some reason

  • MrNapkin00

    4 years ago

    try changing the helicopter controls to southpaw, switches the sticks, helps alot

  • NeMo0418

    4 years ago

    it takes only three days fastest missile guidance ever

  • NeilAnderson

    4 years ago

    Not easy on the pc

  • AoaKSpider

    4 years ago

    loved the zelda shout out

  • bootvbf816

    4 years ago

    screw you chevy sonic comercial

  • halofan343

    4 years ago

    Yeah even on the pc i can't drive helicopters.

  • Noahoftheark

    4 years ago

    Wait how did we get from battlefield to zelda?

  • steve256x

    4 years ago

    I can't believe Ray is the one telling Michael the mission names. He didn't know any of the mission names when he was the one making the videos. Must have got alot of shit for it so he's overcompensating.

  • The_Hybrid

    4 years ago


  • Geoff21

    4 years ago


  • danil97

    4 years ago


  • Popov89

    4 years ago

    Well, Brownman, PC PC PC PC PC Fly Controls PC PC instant blowjobs PC. You must see my point.

  • Enigma512

    4 years ago

    Now I wanna see a Rage Quit of Ray flying the helicopter.

  • drummerdudeX

    4 years ago

    Legend of Battlefield? I guess the helicopter is Epona.