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Comments (11)

  • TimNougat

    1 year ago

    Is this for sale for xbox 360? or is this a weird PC thing?

  • CabooseTron1

    1 year ago


  • another_dude

    3 years ago still the best game of all time!

  • DoubleOJoe

    3 years ago

    Funny video but wrong armor

  • RvBAchHunter

    4 years ago

    If the armour was right he should have won the soundtrack contest.

  • Gamerdw

    4 years ago

    Awesome music video.

  • FluffyPuppyo

    4 years ago

    Buffered right at the line, " 'Cus the ladies know he's docta'..." for half a second I'm like "There's a clean version of TUCKER'S song? Wouldn't that be, like, an oxymoron?"

  • deathreau

    4 years ago

    Another great video

  • ilhalo

    4 years ago

    next time you should get the armour right

  • PhatBoyKing

    4 years ago

    this is very clever awesome job dude

  • laserswords waterbender

    4 years ago

    Honestly, I wish the developers had a heavier focus on gameplay and didn't spend so much time on story. I mean, honestly, what developer thought that it would be a good idea to map six different buttons to drive a single tank? I mean, there's only four directions!