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Comments (13)

  • HarrisonFoun


    2 years ago

    I'm watching PauseUnpause on YouTube do a LP and the graphics seem pretty shitty on the PC compared to Xbox. I guess I'll have to wait till I get back to play it on console. =\ sad.

  • blackdeath17


    2 years ago

    Alternately...if you start from 3 count and jump into the air, you can just use your phone (while in mid air) and call in a Void or similar flying vehicle. You spawn into the vehicle mid air and can fly directly to the power plant. Just fly near the roof and you will get the achievement. Just wanted to post another way to do it.

  • FLMP


    2 years ago

    Hey AH crew you guys should look at this story a fan wrote about her and gavin.

  • Tex4ever


    2 years ago

    36 out of 50 achievements 12 days before the day is released! lol XD

  • LucyZephyr


    2 years ago

    I am deeply amused by how much Michael's character seems to look like Lindsay.

  • Nobble


    2 years ago

    ArturBella, the game came out today.

  • ArturBella


    2 years ago

    I love that you're doing achievement guides before the game even comes out.

  • HappyCloud


    2 years ago

    not to knock the game because it does look REALLY fun, but do the powers, or at least the glide, jump and super sprint powers not look like Prototype to you guys?

  • barsniper123


    2 years ago

    do they have saints row 4 of redbox

  • Philmnator


    2 years ago

    hahaha I dressed my character up in a black turtle neck, or tactle neck as coined by Archer, the first chance I got loll Michael knows what I'm talking about :)