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Comments (11)

  • XKoenigX


    2 years ago

    they haven't patched this yet?

  • T1d3


    3 years ago

    that dragon didn't absorb into me either.

  • Ikonmelee


    3 years ago

    it was a frost dragon its special

  • thomasnb2


    3 years ago

    Why the hell wasn't the dragon as a skeleton?? Is it possible to not absorb a dragon's soul??

  • ditota


    3 years ago

    when i came back the skeleton is gone and the book is just on the ground and doesn't duplicate?

  • shutedude


    3 years ago

    ummm wouldn't it be easier just to use the hidden chest since its right in town?

  • AeroQC


    3 years ago

    Now the only problem is selling a large amount of books to the merchants, since they usually have a rather small amount of money (at least compared to the achievement requirements), usually in between 500 and 1500 gold.

  • Angus314


    3 years ago


  • jries


    3 years ago

    No prob, I forgot to mention that it also helps if you have high speech with point in the speech tree. This way you get more for selling items.

  • OmegaBlue69


    3 years ago

    Thank you! I've been try to figure out a way to get a ton of gold for awhile now.