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  • Skill Master (Smithing) Achievement Guide

    Achievement Unlocked: Skill Master (Smithing) Achievement Guide

    jries shows you an easy way to get to 100 Smithing for the Skill Master achievement in Skyrim.

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Comments (8)

  • xXJustinJXx


    2 years ago

    this has been patched no longer works

  • Kevin_01


    3 years ago

    Eorlund gray-mane works the skyforge and also sells iron ingots, iron ore and leather strips

  • forgetfulfan


    3 years ago

    I like the way you say Ingots.

  • langland96


    3 years ago

    another easy way takes longer but does not cost anything is hunting animals and turning pelts into leather bracers

  • tonyski

    tonyski change is scary

    3 years ago

    should have bought the iron ore too to smelt it. I think it grows smithing up a tiny bit each time too. or I might just be in a tunnel vision of Skyrim and the dragons are leading the Imperials on a march of Skooma.

  • jries


    3 years ago

    @duthor28 Woops, my bad xD I just remembered her saying something about her father so I just figured, haha

    Post edited 12/08/11 1:03PM

  • SIP69

    SIP69 Old Skool

    3 years ago

    Another easy way to help build up your smithing skill is to mine gold in Kolskeggr Mine (just east of Markath). There are about 17 gold veins, and some misc. ore and ingots lying around. Smelt them down, then build a ton gold jewelry (amulets and rings). They also sell for much more than the daggers, You will however have to wait about 14-30 in-game days before you can mine all the gold again.

  • duthor28


    3 years ago

    lol thats not her father its her husband :P she even says her dad works in the castle in the video