• Skilled Negotiator Achievement Guide

    Achievement Unlocked: Skilled Negotiator Achievement Guide

    Ray and Mike show you how to get the Skilled Negotiator Achievement in the new DLC for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

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Comments (10)

  • battledude


    3 years ago

    hey isnt that the new motto for the army dont be hero be a pussy we wil save u

  • lual


    3 years ago

    thank you all so much for participating in the most recent poll. my polls red vs blue and halo characters battling it out to the death were you the voter decides the winner. this week is Carolina vs meta and right now the winner is only winning by 1 vote so please help your favorite and be sure to vote next week.

  • Pyro4


    3 years ago

    Rocket launcher guy knows what happens when you're too hasty with that thing.. He's seen Fails of the Weak..

  • TexIsAwesome


    3 years ago

    Me and a Mate just finished all the achievements for the new spec ops missions last night.

  • lual


    3 years ago

    please vote on my newest poll of red vs blue who would win. this week the fight is carolina vs the one and only meta. things are heating up because if i don't get enough pollers i'm canceling my polls for good. thank you for voting and tell your friends. also if you have an idea for next weeks fight please comment. thank you.

  • cub3dud3925


    3 years ago

    Honeybadger don't give a sh*t

  • DylPickles


    3 years ago

    such a skilled negotiator...
    you headbutt, you die

  • vmoney160


    3 years ago

    Headbutt dude had his reasons...

  • DaiHat


    3 years ago

    Thank you hostage number 2

  • OniExpress


    3 years ago

    Such a smooth operator, you are.