• Trials Fusion - Bright-Eyed & Bushy-Tailed Part 2

    Achievement Unlocked: Trials Fusion - Bright-Eyed & Bushy-Tailed Part 2

    Ray and Jack show you part 2 of the "Bright-Eyed & Bushy-Tailed" achievement in Trials Fusion for the Xbox One.

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Comments (6)

  • pyrohawk69

    1 year ago

    There is an extreme track on Trials Evolution that is easier than Jungle Gymkhana (hard)......

  • thefunion Gold Star

    2 years ago

    The one with the cactus is a bitch!


    2 years ago

    Squirrel # 16 has to be the most annoying one of them all. I absolutely cannot finish without faulting. I got really close once but just can't make it.

  • Jeremy

    2 years ago

    Been trying #16 for 2 hours now. Still cant beat the level without faulting

  • eemelib

    2 years ago

    Okay, how on Earth did anyone find these? They're so random..

  • eemelib

    2 years ago

    These are the creepiest squirrels I've ever seen.. The're like all psychopathic.