• Week #73

    AHWU: Week #73

    Jack and Geoff bring you the freshest game news in this week's AHWU. Join them as they talk about upcoming gaming events, new DLC, XBLA titles, Minecraft, iam8bit and more!


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Comments (84)

  • adhans23


    3 years ago

    why am i watching this 9/12/12?

  • mistageko


    4 years ago

    That ending that Geoff did there...that just proves he isn't as tone deaf as he's said he is on the Drunk Tank.

  • Ultima34


    4 years ago

    This was on my birthday!!!! :D

  • whitestuff


    4 years ago

    By AHWU sauce did you mean awesome sauce because i think I made that up or something

  • WVUmaniac23


    4 years ago

    Woooo they actually got me saying 73 in the WVU football stadium, its a good day

  • GheTToCl0wN


    4 years ago

    Has the Griffball Tournament been cancelled? That'd suck ass

  • daStig177


    4 years ago

    i lold at the ending

  • TakeURLumps


    4 years ago

    you look weird without a beard

  • Nuez


    4 years ago

    Holy crap Jack. I just started listening to the podcast a few weeks ago and heard you talking about loosing weight on some of the old ones and just started watching some videos starting with older ones. You look like you have lost a ton of weight.

  • Yourneighbor


    4 years ago

    if you guys need a poison control your neighbor is always here to help
    I dont trust that sauce