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Comments (270)

  • OrangeThor42


    1 year ago

    Never gets old watching Gavin's face at 2:55-3:00 turn from scared, to terrified, to "I'm too afraid to feel anything."

  • fenderwave


    1 year ago

    my face was the same as Gavin's when i played this yesterday, it was the first time i played it and i nearly had a heart attack :P

  • ashleyrules


    1 year ago

    This video was the first video that I had seen Gavin and Michaels face, 2nd video I've watched of RT, the first being "rage quit: Impossible game", this video will always be one of my favorites.

  • ailsarocks

    ailsarocks Fashion Jedi

    1 year ago

    My favourite video ever, makes me laugh every time smiley12.gif

  • fluffybuddy1


    2 years ago

    "Why don't we stop and ask him?"
    "Ohhh, run away, run away, that was a bad sound, run away."

  • Yawnski


    2 years ago

    The bit at 1:04 is my favourite. Gav just goes from deviously happy to terrified in less than half a second.

  • mgeffre


    2 years ago

    This is probably the best video on AH in my opinion. I love watching the reactions of Gavin and Michael...classic! smiley0.gif

  • Mmmbacon7


    2 years ago

    look at the audio in the background

  • Zacarum


    2 years ago

    Best Rage Quit Ever

  • Kamakazegirl


    2 years ago

    Give me Gavin and Micheal Rage quit, and im good :)