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Comments (83)

  • RaZeR_Moose

    RaZeR_Moose RaZeR Moose

    6 months ago

    not surprised for numbero uno smiley3.gif

  • Originalhit


    1 year ago

    Top ten hairy gay men!!

  • KndaSrtaAzn


    1 year ago

    So it says it's counting down Top 10 'bears' in video games, and I was disappointment, followed by extreme happiness.

  • Jackerdoom


    1 year ago

    im not gonna lie i watched Jack get slapped over and over again mainly just to laugh at Micheal's face.

  • BBAGuyver01


    1 year ago

    I'd say Velen from WoW has the #1 beard.

  • FlutterDash7

    FlutterDash7 Im Callam Hi

    1 year ago

    1. There are no ads for sponsors so stop.
    2. Technically Jack does count cause he works for a VIDEO GAME website and company.

  • HarmyB


    1 year ago

    seriously guys, get rid of the ads for sponsors.

  • JDReedy

    JDReedy Love Nectar

    1 year ago

    I exploded with laughter when the smack was reversed.

  • AlanWake


    1 year ago

    I wasent aware jack was "in" a video game

  • NickZalis


    1 year ago

    The description clearly says top 10 bears in video games. This was not the video I thought I was about to watch.