• Countdown - Top 12 Most Satisfying Guns in Video Games

    Countdown: Countdown - Top 12 Most Satisfying Guns in Video Games

    Geoff, Michael, and Ray go over their top twelve most satisfying guns in video games.

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Comments (77)

  • WilliamRich1


    8 months ago

    Ray was right, nobody can argue, Turok 2: Cerebral bore!

  • CousinMark


    1 year ago

    The first time I ever used an explosive rifle in Red Dead Redemption, it was in the mission where you have to hunt a bear in the mountains. I didn't know what it did, and boy, i was not disappointed. That bear didn't exist after i hit it.

  • drfreshey


    1 year ago

    The beginning of Troll Lord.

  • ZephyrNepres


    1 year ago

    definitely some weapons from ratchet and clank 3

  • zeppomarks


    1 year ago

    So glad the Farsight was on here but, yeah, the Cerebral Bore should have been on there too. Personally, I would have included the Tommy Gun from Mafia 2, also. The guns in that game felt so damn satisfying to shoot. Somehow they captured the heft and power of firing a gun better than any game I've ever played.

  • VaggelisRVB


    1 year ago

    I remember using the farsight it was awesome and watching this video made me laugh so hard



    1 year ago

    I say the RYNO 5 from Ratchet and Clank was one of the most satisfying guns, if not the Rift Inducer

  • Bigflank


    1 year ago

    OMFG The ending.

  • Barrilho


    1 year ago

    i agree with those but the BF:bad company 2 M1911 and mass effect 2's M920-cain should have made honorable mentions

  • StevenChabot


    1 year ago

    Half Life 2 crossbow is the best, it shoots red-hot rebar straight through mofos! Pins them to walls, too.