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Comments (22)

  • TeaseIt


    1 year ago

    How is crazy taxi not 1st

  • zeppomarks


    1 year ago

    I would have added X-Men Arcade, but I'm crazy happy Beyond G&E got so much love. I love that game so much.

  • epalexander


    1 year ago

    Loving these lists. It would be cool if they were put in order and you took out the suck.

    Seriously though, fun video.

  • EvilDrPepper


    1 year ago

    No Resident Evil 4? Come on that was the game that made me love shooters! It was ported from the GameCube to the XBLA

  • Barbaloot


    1 year ago

    Surprised they didn't add Perfect Dark. One of the rare cases of a game being MUCH better on the 360 than it's original release. No frame-drop, online play, just a total blast and much better than the original.

  • Innenkos


    1 year ago

    I feel Sonic Adventure should have been higher, if only because I wasted countless hours of my life with it

  • MrMcVoodoo


    1 year ago

    jsr!!!! love that game

  • Inn1x


    1 year ago

    Kdin is awesome!

  • Paintedawg


    1 year ago

    How could you not put in a Legacy of Kain game? );

  • madaboy11


    1 year ago

    Thank god im not the only one who thought minecraft was going to be on the list just to troll ray