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Comments (45)

  • Perraith


    2 years ago

    Nothing burns clean like Propane Gas.

  • WilliamOwens


    2 years ago

    yesterday i had a fail in a coustome game where my friend was the zombie and i had a rocket laucher and i was between a 2 way sheild and shot the rocket and killed myself. the map was called Get out of my house

  • Tylerjc333


    2 years ago

    ha the bob elite show stoppered him

  • seblano


    2 years ago

    Geoffs laugh cures cancer.

  • TeaJay


    2 years ago

    Ohh that elite disappears on legendary on that level. He has a collectible thing where you have to kill him before he goes away.

  • BenHesketh


    2 years ago

    The elites just thinking. 'oh god i'm dead' "BEAM ME UP SCOTTIE" human's like 'AH....ha?' Hello???

  • Android343


    2 years ago

    am in love with that laugh, keep it up geoff, ;D

  • theMadKatV


    2 years ago

    Geoff laughing is a win for everyone!

  • TurkeyMunchr


    2 years ago

    Who doesn't just love Geoff's laugh?!

  • Zonbi


    2 years ago

    I've done the fail with the thruster+jetpack more times than I care to admit.