• Volume 112

    Fails of the Weak: Volume 112

    Jack and Gavin check out another batch of Halo: Reach failure! Keep an eye on http://www.achievementhunter.com/ for information about Halo 4 Fails of the Weak!

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Comments (38)

  • AudioFil3


    2 years ago

    Lmao the last guy was just like: "deal with it"

  • Perraith


    2 years ago

    Shoving a Plasma down a Grunt's throat is too awesome to be a fail.

  • GoooBlueTeam


    2 years ago

    gotta love gavin

  • CorileeMille


    2 years ago

    If u keep making fun of Kat. She is going to come out of the game and kill you.

  • Odd_One_Out


    2 years ago

    HippieSpartan here.
    Yes, I was invincible. I just wanted to screw around for a while in Firefight, not achievement farm. Still, I thought it would be something that was unusual, which is why I sent it in.

  • Justwn


    2 years ago

    Wow one of my friends got stuck in the drop pod once and I'm surprised that finally saw that happen on FOTW

  • BossRuckley


    2 years ago

    "And the Grunts cant get him". Jack went ALL of Reach into Halo 4 and STILL doesn't have the names down.

  • ROFLwaffle5000


    2 years ago

    I am just confirming that you cannot upload a fail yet?

  • AnorexicDrgn


    2 years ago

    Now THESE are some great fails...The last couple/few weeks to me seemed a little...iffy :I Some were really good and all, but this Volume looked just like the good ole days when this show first started and he really picked some great submissions.

  • spartan5899


    2 years ago

    I got in a fails of the week yes! I was the guy in the white and gold armor