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Comments (30)

  • Ekatkid49


    2 years ago

    geoff is the funniest

  • LoLsmen


    2 years ago

    YES I finally sumbmitted a fail.

  • HomingMaster


    2 years ago

    I can't upload via cos file share there hasn't developed yet. Any other way cos I have a Halo 4 fail all prepped up.

  • SpartanLogan


    2 years ago

    Ha ha. I was the blue gunner in the one with the red trying to get a double kill. I was the gunner.

  • Xyger


    2 years ago

    Geoff laughs makes everything better.



    2 years ago

    1st guys got tronned!

  • Skeletow


    2 years ago

    enjoyed the plasma triple kill

  • NOOB9000


    2 years ago

    Where do we send in our Fails of the Week? When I went to it sent me to my homepage. From there I don't see any steps to sending the video, but I'm pretty dumb when it comes to simple directions. Can anyone help out?

  • PhilB


    2 years ago

    having the flu this weekend, this really cheered me up.

  • BrettJohnLin


    2 years ago

    Hey achievement hunter I've got an easter egg for you, in the same mission of the "conan/andy" easter egg if you go around the outside of the ship before getting to the pelican you can access computers similar to the first level, on the nearest computer the anounser for war games will give information about the war games, I found this to be entertaining and funny. Please go check it out I just found it playing on legendary solo, I am unaware if this is exclusive to those comendations.