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Comments (43)

  • HighEmoGuy


    2 years ago

    I like how Geoff mentioned how a guard rail would save so many lives back in reach, and now in halo 4 they saved that blue's life

  • SilentKnife


    2 years ago

    If you lag in mid air then you usually fall when coming out of the man cannon.

  • LiquidSlique


    2 years ago

    Malapropism. That's what those are called. You're welcome.

  • chief187


    2 years ago

    i have a fail, it's called 343

  • NateMcgoo


    2 years ago

    i got 2x fail in one clip but i don't have any game capture things, i put them in my file share

  • Gojira57


    2 years ago

    Just to be clear if I plug in a USB to my Xbox how do I transfer the video

  • bigbrady


    2 years ago

    please help me figure out how to submit a fail. I'm getting really frustrated that I go to ahuploads like they say, and I see nothing to guide me.

  • Goldmountain


    2 years ago

    Major Molesto
    Epic Name

  • S117Oracle


    2 years ago

    @darkrage -- Not surprising at all actually. Campaign films don't show up in theater mode so there are no films that can be submitted :(

  • darkrage98


    2 years ago

    Surprisingly there hasn't been any campain fails for Halo 4 yet.