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Comments (36)

  • 95DemonEarth


    2 years ago

    Is it possible you guys do Halo Reach still? I find those ones to be more funny. If not it is cool. Like the car one though.

  • Apriest13


    2 years ago

    1:19-1:23 Lolz XD

  • maverick226


    2 years ago

    It never came to me as a posibility that the Price from this game and the Price from COD MW were even related!

  • Deadfenix7


    2 years ago

    OK then how about campaign fails i got a really good one doing the campaign daily challenges. But as theater doesn't let you review campaign sessions what do i do.

  • HomingMaster


    2 years ago

    @maximalkor. Save the clip and then fill in the form at AHUpload stating the name of the file and they'll look for it.

    Damn it. It hurts so much that I just missed one. It involved me trying to stick a blue and one of my teammates jumped out of the window and landed between us and he took the stick DX

  • Maximalkor


    2 years ago

    how do you upload fails?

  • Scottaroo


    2 years ago

    I used to be a Spartan then I took a plasma to the knee.

  • dinos8


    2 years ago

    Hallo guys, I have seen all the fails of the week and I want to send my own to rooster teeth but I don't know how to send them from my xbox to pc. Can anyone help me please?



    2 years ago

    I'm still pissed that theres no theater mode for spartan ops cause I fucking jumped off a cliff and assasinated a knight.

  • Breakspeare


    2 years ago

    If anyone wants some Double XP codes, let me know. I have some that I won't be able to use.