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Comments (29)

  • serpent142


    2 years ago

    omg I died on that last map then I saw my dead body it must have been from all who died there

  • bloodring87


    2 years ago

    My insides hurt...

    That hologram clip was priceless.

  • Silvador


    2 years ago

    When a Spartan falls off a map, he or she is instantly caught in a buffer and when a critical number is reached, they are all ejected out of that spire!

  • TravisErby


    2 years ago

    That bit with the mongoose was priceless! XD

  • TubaMatt

    TubaMatt Musician

    2 years ago

    My own grenades get shot right after I throw happens plenty to me...

  • Mannzutier


    2 years ago

    Gacy joke for the win!

  • TimMathews


    2 years ago

    There is a crack between dementions, or it's an UNSC experment gone wrong.

  • EJables96


    2 years ago

    He is teabagging himself with his own body that doesn't seem physically possible

  • RauPJ


    2 years ago

    luke skywalkers hand is down there

  • Gellister


    2 years ago

    I swear I could provide an entire years worth of episodes for this show by playing for one day. smiley2.gif