• Volume 128

    Fails of the Weak: Volume 128

    Jack and Geoff celebrate the 128th week anniversary of Fails the only way they know how. With a brand new episode of Fails of the Weak!

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Comments (76)

  • Andy50k1


    2 years ago

    3:38 lol

  • Samy12369


    2 years ago

    lol the whole time they just talk about fruit by the foot

  • FoxboyPrower


    2 years ago

    I wonder if derbywubmuffins has ever heard of my little pony.

  • S117Oracle


    2 years ago

    Yes we learned a lot this episode. But nothing about fails and too much about fruit roll ups.

  • serpent142


    2 years ago

    that last one was better than anything better than all of the reach fails

  • shaman420


    2 years ago

    not bad i think reach fails were better

  • gamerbro1300


    2 years ago

    Big League Chew... ahhh memories...

  • Tazimus


    2 years ago

    That last fail was TOTALLY fucking hilarious!!! Never seen an anal ASSassination like that!!!!

  • duckocalypse

    duckocalypse Oregon Donor

    2 years ago

    TOTALLY forgot that Gavin calls Kara "Dave," so when Geoff said "New Dave" I thought he was just distinguishing a new guy named Dave from one that had been there longer.

    Oh well, congrats on the new title/name, Jennifer!

  • JamesCampbel


    2 years ago

    That last one was brutal I was LMAO!