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Comments (18)

  • Vanguard_VII


    2 years ago

    Hey, Ray - where's that Champion's Let's Play? I'd love to see some Lads vs Gents Ricochet. (Or maybe find better players so it's not you and Michael on one team with Jack and Geoff on the other. That's just not fair to Ryan.)

  • Shadowk7


    2 years ago

    how do u turn in vid

  • noobking87


    2 years ago

    That was a perfect holo trick. Well played on that red.

  • HomingMaster


    2 years ago

    I thank you gravely for featuring my clip on your videos guys. Was pretty chuffed and I made Jack laugh, lol. But thanks guys, me and my pals salute you! :P rofl

  • WalrusSauce


    2 years ago

    OK I commented, now where is my ACHIEVEMENT!



    2 years ago

    I agree, there are a lot of the same fails, but i do remember a good one back from the reach days. a sniper shot went through a guy's dick, bounced off the ground and blew up a rockethog.

  • Kwazibantu


    2 years ago


  • JamesMcP


    2 years ago

    I found some funny fails but I always forget to save it :P

  • Mindjet


    2 years ago

    That driver must have been booted from the entire game after THAT!

  • bkisinger


    2 years ago

    Why are half of the fails really simple like they always have at least one vehichle betrayal, one guy sticking himself, one guy dying by warthog remains, and someone falling off the map. Occasionally it has an interesting/new one but its very rare to have an episode without at least some of those "generic" fails. That stuff happens to everyone at some point. I love the show and i think its really funny but different types of fails can't hurt. And congrats on almost 3 years now!