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Comments (15)

  • SkAnarkist


    1 year ago

    How do I send a fail

  • HAKURU_15


    2 years ago

    gavin and geoff are on fire today!

  • Frankie_4017


    2 years ago

    Oi jack and Geoff what the hell happened to halo fails of the year?

  • AldangerPon3


    2 years ago

    It's funny, we keep seeing the same fails over and over, and yet I have a few unique fails (or at least, more uncommon ones) and they never get in.
    Does Caleb just like the familiar, or what?

    I also realize a ton get sent in. Should I just keep trying until one gets in?

  • rbf29


    2 years ago

    fails of the week is awesome hopefully they use mine

  • whatnow165


    2 years ago

    when i get a fail ill gonna save it then send it to you roosterteeth

  • stewartmc


    2 years ago

    At 1:03 Gav says "cause a laser is just light. How could light kill you?" But on Podcast #206 he says that the light from the explosion of nuclear bombs killed the Japanese. Make up your mind Gavin.

  • PhilB


    2 years ago

    i'm thinking the weekend drinking started a little early.

  • Mindjet


    2 years ago

    Death twitch

  • Fellhawkslc


    2 years ago

    These were funnier when they had more commentary on the videos, recently they seem to only spend about 5 seconds actually talking about the clips, and it is far less entertaining than Geoff's wild laughter about a really crazy fail. Hopefully they return to the old style in future FotWs.