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Comments (15)

  • searent


    1 year ago

    Does anyone else feel like 4J really gave us a sweet deal on it?

  • Bigflank


    1 year ago

    Hahahaha Oh my God, that was one of the most disgusting FotW ever. Awesome sound effects, guys. I do worry about the age rating for this video, though.

  • HAKURU_15


    1 year ago

    those sound effects!

  • SpeciaIK


    1 year ago

    So not nice to make fun of dentures :S.

  • smartie66775


    1 year ago

    We need an FotW with Ryan.

  • OliverDicken


    1 year ago

    it has taken me this long to notice that it is fails of the weak.. not fails of the week... i feel stupid xD

  • BurnieJr


    1 year ago

    10/10 would fap again

  • PhilB


    1 year ago

    dem sound effects Gav.

  • ElominSha


    1 year ago

    I think Geoff meant to say Mah-gin-oh Sphere, as in the Maginot Line.

  • ElasmoFan


    1 year ago

    I'm sure if the fails were actually better, they would be more interested in commenting on them. I would much rather see them going on their own tangents then commenting on a boring fail.