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Comments (18)

  • HAKURU_15


    2 years ago

    holy shit that last part, fucking monster!

  • Jake487

    Jake487 EdibleAuto

    2 years ago

    Great batch! Congrats on your almost-three-year anniversary!

  • dropbearz117


    2 years ago

    Pretty good fails this week :) Also, seeing that next week is the 3 year anniversary of fails, are you guys gonna do anything special for it?

  • R3ND4W


    2 years ago

    If there is one thing I've learned watching Fails of the Week over the past two years it's that once a vehicle goes airborne you better run the other way or get under a ledge

  • Silvador


    2 years ago

    Spartan IV: Now with 75% less situational awareness.

  • BradyDavis1


    2 years ago

    oh oh oh oh i'm friends with artic ghost and it's a chick

  • Philmnator


    2 years ago

    some great fails this week :D

  • Darkfire180

    Darkfire180 Dislike the new site!

    2 years ago

    Love how the Rocket Suicide occurred by shooting the platform with a 'caution' label.

  • MightyNato


    2 years ago

    The last one was awsome

  • Mindjet


    2 years ago

    "Once this baby hits 88 mph..."