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Comments (11)

  • HAKURU_15


    1 year ago


  • RizerBloodmo


    1 year ago

    last one was a win

  • awesomerory


    1 year ago

    hey guys I've been watching you guys for a while, like since halo reach episode 10 and this past week i had a few fails with warthogs. I would be so happy if i could finally get on but when i tried your email didnt exist so if you could either give me ur email or just here look at this here is the link:

    oh and sorry it was on halo waypoint on bungie it doesnt exist so there hope you enjoy

  • killjoy212


    1 year ago

    One of the 'fails' here wasn't even a fail, when the Red was assassinating the Blue, about 3 guys were shooting at him, and when the mongoose blew up next to him, a sniper killed the red... I hate my attention to detail :P

  • Domino587


    1 year ago

    When are they going to stop FotW at least 'till Halo 5? It's just not fun anymore. And don't downvote this just because it's negative.They obviously aren't having fun so neither am I. Plus all the fails are just repeating.

  • AlexanderKim


    1 year ago

    Does ur fail have to happen the same week as Fails of the weak or can you send in an old fail and still make it in?

  • jmdryden


    1 year ago

    that last clip was my favorite in a long time!

  • minclassics


    1 year ago

    I can just see Geoff doing a huge face palm at (2:29): "Watching you trying to read is amazing".


  • indoBOB666


    1 year ago

    what's a guy gotta do to get his video in one of these fails of the weak? I've submitted at least 3 now and neither has made it in. I'm not saying my clips are down right hilarious but they sure are better than some of these lots

  • Samy12369


    1 year ago

    same here