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Comments (33)

  • HAKURU_15


    1 year ago

    Geoff's asshole got possessed?

  • Jemmy


    1 year ago

    Me:SUCK IT BLUES!!!!

    Some Blues:YES SIR!!!!!

  • MasterKeg200

    MasterKeg200 Record Smash/DragonNuro

    1 year ago


  • XFRegulate


    1 year ago

    Sounds like Geoff had a bit of Flaming Poo.

  • mans51


    1 year ago

    Jack, Geoff, you have been even worse than me at concentrating on the task at hand, and I have ADD for crying out loud. It's not even funny anymore, Michael and Gavin did a much better job last time they did it. I mean come on it's like a few minutes long, if you two hate fails so much why dont you let somebody else in AH do it? I think you need to change around a bit.

  • PMSCMaster


    1 year ago

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  • awesomerory


    1 year ago

    come on guys my fails were better than any of these i submited 2 of the best fails ive seen in 161 episodes im sad

  • aaronbruv


    1 year ago

    yeah... I'm last one 42, so why are we talkin bout gherkins

  • PhilB


    1 year ago

    well i see that being on topic ended pretty fast.

  • SIERRA035


    1 year ago

    Not all of these sucked. This one had a higher percentage of good fails.