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Comments (15)

  • HAKURU_15


    1 year ago


  • MrFoxx007


    1 year ago

    These fails are fails within it self this series sucks now the only people who send in these fails are the ones still pathetically into this series.

  • Mindjet


    1 year ago

    That one guy gave zero F**ks

  • SIERRA035


    1 year ago

    Fails should have Caleb's face in it, because he fails to bring a full episode of good fails.

  • J3ST3R31


    1 year ago

    I think fails of the week should take a break until halo 5 comes out since we've seen every fail that can happen in halo 4 or maybe do fails of the week for other games.

  • Innenkos


    1 year ago

    I thin, the fails this week were a improvement from the usual. The AFK grenade bounce was something new, and the emped banshee happening twice was enough to make me grin a bit. Hopefully the turning point in FotW

  • Burning1nWat


    1 year ago

    New featured fails are nothing like what they used to be on reach, quality fails are out there, it's all about shifting through the shit. We know who is to blame. Do it Geoff. Make us proud.

  • bloodkill37


    1 year ago

    @lukeglover80 i would be if i had done 168 weeks of them with no sign of not seeing the same things over and over just in different ways

  • noobking87


    1 year ago

    Uh-oh, Caleb...

  • ElasmoFan


    1 year ago

    gonna be honest, the fails were mostly meh but that afk grenade bounce was pretty funny.