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Comments (16)

  • ciarzard27


    1 year ago

    Did jack make a HIMYM reference with the classic Joesby comment (classic Schmosby)

  • Crux136


    1 year ago

    Well I'll jump on the bandwagon here however I believe there should be a balance between the two. It's nice when they comment on fails but occasionally also nice when they to talk about w/e (some fails are just that lame that some convo to break it up is nice). But if enough people have pointed it out this time as it being just a little too much I would too. It's hard to pay attention to both their convo and the fails both which are very awesome :P. In the past I really didn't care and if I did I just shrugged it off. But in this instance as a bit of feedback it was a little much. Although lol 'cupcakes in your...' that made up for my annoyance. But don't get me wrong there is the odd Fails of the Week where the fails essentially suck and their convo's carry it as something worth watching just to hear them talk.

  • massimus93


    1 year ago

    why the fuck are all of you should be grateful towards them for actually making the effort to make these video's for our viewing pleasure...and maybe you bunch whining unappreciative crybabies don't like what you're seeing...but I...and many other people...enjoy watching fails of the week...and we actually want it to keep going regardless of how good or bad it stop whining like a bunch of idiots and appreciate what you get...something's better than nothing.

  • ElasmoFan


    1 year ago

    You guys are complaining about them not commenting on the fails but the fails arent exactly worth commenting on. their the same exact thing we've been seeing every week and at this rate if people keep complaining their not going to start commenting on the videos but just cut fails of the weak.

    When its actually funny and worth commenting on they do, like last week and the week before. When its the same dribble they've seen every week they don't.

  • Thief


    1 year ago

    @GreyGhost90 Ditto to that.

  • GreyGhost9036

    GreyGhost9036 Angry Beaver

    1 year ago

    I feel like Fails has turned into a micro podcast.

  • lonekiba


    1 year ago

    Something. . . There weren't that many comments so I felt I should comment something.

  • crowley184


    1 year ago

    Why? It is generally the exact same fails each week, a bit of riffing and wandering off on tangents is what keeps this show and Game Night alive.

  • Cryzis


    1 year ago

    Okay normally I don't mind but in this case at least comment on the video 50% of the time please?

  • 16knicho


    1 year ago

    Hey, my birthday is on Christmas Day. Skimming on presents is my life definition