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Comments (14)

  • CreepyStains


    1 year ago

    @bigflank, the fails were actually funny enough to be commentable this time. When the fails are funny, they usually don't get sidetracked. Once they get sidetracked, though, they usually don't go back unless they happen to see a funny username.

  • whatnow165


    1 year ago

    do some call of duty ghosts fail roosterteeth i found a hovering gun on veteran on cainpaign

  • Bigflank


    1 year ago

    Yay! Finally, they stick to commenting on the videos! And low and behold, it's hilarious! Awesome. Faith in FotW restored!!

    Also, that last fail: I cackled like Geoff when I read the name.

    <3 you guys!

  • JohnAchiever


    1 year ago

    iTouchy, you can see the second sticky I throw seems to miss then sort of gravitates backwards onto it. You can also see I got the kill credit for it.



    1 year ago

    There are some problems with the ahuploads site, I try to submit a fail, but it keeps sending me to the rooster teeth site for some reason...

  • tomatofield


    1 year ago

    That last one was a good one. :DD

  • noobking87


    1 year ago

    The last one was perfect. Perfect gamertag, perfect example of gamertag.

  • RemyEvermore


    1 year ago

    Al-chi-mick... Oh Jack, you tried!

  • Silvador


    1 year ago

    The second one, with the man cannon, one of the best in a long time. XD

  • Koveras


    1 year ago

    I love how they trash talk caleb throughout these. always funny