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Comments (6)

  • Tanshi


    1 year ago

    I could not resist the stach IT WAS SO COOOOL

  • Philmnator


    1 year ago

    Halo Marine fails have always been a classic fave of mine xD ever since CE

  • jlynx12


    1 year ago

    I clicked the moustache...

  • Neptunium

    Neptunium The Wolf

    1 year ago

    Got to keep your hole integrity Gavin!

    That second last one was just a blatant betrayal..

  • IThinkItWasNick

    IThinkItWasNick Spawn Sir

    1 year ago

    I can imagine that last fail gave Gavin flashbacks to the Rainbow Six Let's Plays.

  • linkyblinky


    1 year ago

    first comment maybe first view :p lol