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Comments (10)

  • Koveras


    1 year ago

    So Geoff did end up taking his birthday off, you deserved it man.

  • slpmjb0921


    1 year ago

    It's pretty awesome, 196 episodes in and I'm still seeing fails I haven't seen before.

  • 0x0024


    1 year ago

    Know it's probably too late by now, but Happy Birthday Geoff!

  • noobking87


    1 year ago

    Happy Birthday Geoff!

  • eleriel


    1 year ago

    Oooooh, mine made it in! =^_^=
    Recorded it around 2-3 years ago, but something went wrong and I thought it hadn't been saved.
    Then I found it again last week!

  • Philmnator


    1 year ago

    okay those last 4 were hilarious xD

    also I never noticed that some of the AI Marines in Halo CE Anniversary were remodeled to look like ODST…cool for them to follow the books some haha

  • pnut87


    1 year ago

    Jeez... why don't AI betrayals ever happen when I'm playing?

  • jp4464


    1 year ago

    Pac man is in Smash Bros! Get hyped!

  • SloppyJoseph


    1 year ago

    Happy Birthday Geoff!

  • SigTheBigDog


    1 year ago

    Looks like someone at Achievement Hunter is up early...