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Comments (105)

  • Buggy52


    2 years ago

    That ghost driver is invisible because of lag.... happens to me all the time!

  • xHarbingerXx


    2 years ago

    VULCANR98 there is only one colour of the bobs thats gold so next time u post REMEMBER THAT JACKASS

  • Zubar1121


    2 years ago

    We want gus back!

  • VulcanR98


    3 years ago

    Hmmmm.. I was going to saygold bobs disapear after some time but everyone else already did

  • SpartanN18


    3 years ago

    Bob disapear after a certain amount of time



    3 years ago

    that elite was BOB

  • r31dJ


    3 years ago

    Let go of the candy!

  • Motormouth


    3 years ago

    The gold elite BOB is supposed to despawn after a certain amount of time, even if it's in combat.

  • smartie66775


    3 years ago

    the gold elite was BOB. i know that cos it happened to me and i looked it up

  • belgarion123


    3 years ago

    the last one wasnt forge or anything. it was some spiecal thing were one player cant see the other. something bout over svaing a map or something. one person who is playing at random can do anything, he doesnt appear on radar, he doesnt appear on anything. and if he is in a vehicle it would seem like it is doing nothing apart from moving round. as in the wheels wont turn or the ghost wont seem to cover and so on