• Volume 81

    Fails of the Weak: Volume 81

    Jack and Geoff have worked their hardest to compile only the best of the Halo: Reach fails available. Enjoy them at their finest. They are delicious, and high in fiber!

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Comments (147)

  • AshleyPerciv


    3 years ago

    *second to last, the falcon fail

  • AshleyPerciv


    3 years ago

    on the last clip, what is the map called?

  • Thehoodedted


    3 years ago

    you can tell hes a noob by the armor config.



    3 years ago

    rudy kicked the turn into a rocket button and how are drop pods that acurate

  • PD_222


    3 years ago

    what the eck did geoff take? I WANT SOME!

  • Dieggs


    3 years ago

    A yoink, betrayal, and a stolen kill. I would have loved to see the reaction on that guys face.

  • gateship


    3 years ago

    With the last one: Hey Bill, you turned into a drop pod. HOW DID YOU DO THAT?

  • JonathandaS1


    3 years ago

    yoink...... head shot :)

  • wag33z


    3 years ago

    Excuse me Achievement Hunters if you actually read the comments please contact my email at [email protected] i have a hilarious fail that happened to me that i think you guys are going to love, please reply by contacting my email i would very much appreciate it. By the way the reason im commenting is because im not sure how to exactly send you the videos but i can tell you my gamertagand you can check my fileshare. please reply thanks guy, love the videos by the way.

  • RyaNess


    3 years ago

    Last clip was stagged