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Comments (12)

  • firefiame


    1 year ago


  • FritchyFritsch44


    1 year ago

    I normally would be all for a bad company 3 but I'm afraid it would be the video game equivalent to rush hour 3

  • Koveras


    1 year ago

    Never finished this game… i don't remember why. Single player looked good from what I remember.

  • Gamer3427

    Gamer3427 taC terceS

    1 year ago


    If you say so. I've never had any issues with it. I still say it's fun. The only reason I'd still say BF3 was better is because I loved using the crossbow in multiplayer. There was nothing more satisfying than taking down enemy snipers from across the map with it with a well aimed headshot.......

  • HallowFiend


    1 year ago

    Fun fact: bf4 is a broken piece of shit

  • manderson93


    1 year ago

    Now I have to watch sex dogs again.

  • DGriffindor


    1 year ago

    A box art model is an actual thing. My mom worked with one.

  • GreyGhost9036

    GreyGhost9036 Angry Beaver

    1 year ago

    I agree Bad Company 3 would be nice. But now that hardline has been pushed to 2015 and BF games are no longer yearly. The closest release date for a Bad Company 3 would be 2017 =(

  • CTFGeorge


    1 year ago

    I feel like this whole video should just be dinosaur easter eggs...

  • Wompatti


    1 year ago

    More facts for Five Facts: Dennis Lennartsson did not serve in the US Military nor is he a former Marine. He's Swedish. He did serve in the Swedish military as a military policeman.