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Comments (7)

  • TheCompFreak


    1 year ago

    Wow... they devoted their whole team to it? I thought it was good before, but knowing that all of Treyarch was devoted to making the game it's not as impressive to me now.

  • slpmjb0921


    1 year ago

    Black Ops was decent, the campaign was pretty cool. Black Ops 2 however wasn't as good in my opinion.

  • mcduncan


    1 year ago

    there's no way the devs would leave the files as _Paris. that's like file naming 101

  • PMSCMaster


    1 year ago

    Are you excited for the End of Beta for Smite? Wanna way to celebrate? Go here and sign up to play!

  • ScottMuzzMur


    1 year ago

    Yeah this would be my favourite cod if not for cod 4

  • GIGuerra

    GIGuerra Sneakerhead

    1 year ago

    Favorite CoD up to date

  • Aebr


    1 year ago

    I agree with Jack, Black Ops is my favorite Treyarch game as well