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Comments (30)

  • pepsiisbest


    1 year ago

    did not even know who kirby was in till I watched this video

  • TheWyvernkin


    2 years ago

    god damn ads about real house wives go away i dont care why would u have an ad here.

  • squidgeart

    squidgeart FreshMilk

    2 years ago

    what happened to the kid who used to host this?

  • GSaucer93


    2 years ago

    I may be wrong.

  • GSaucer93


    2 years ago

    Yeah, Ray definently screwed up saying that name. It sound like she-gar-ru me-a-mo-do.

  • Bollard


    2 years ago

    Literally holding a teal Gameboy Color with Pokemon red in as I was watching this vid, awesome...

  • DJCrecelius


    2 years ago

    Fantastic game for the gameboy. On a side note, when we we're kids my brother played baseball with a chubby pink round kid named kirby and I always found that amusing.

  • Scottaroo


    2 years ago

    America doesn't get their games before us Australian's anymore except for the odd game.

  • taterisstig


    2 years ago

    Kirby not being named Kirby...mind blown

  • JC13999


    2 years ago

    Woot I had a teal gameboy colour when I was younger