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Comments (13)

  • JoshAbner13


    1 year ago

    Achievement hunter needs some new commercials...

  • Bigflank


    1 year ago

    Fucking good game, RE2 was!

    Glad to hear RE6 getting some shit talked about it. I played the demo and that's all I needed. The thing was a fucking COD shooter game. Not survival horror at all. Blech.

  • NinjaInCammo


    1 year ago

    1.40 is that the TARDIS?

  • HalfricanBush

    HalfricanBush Halfrican Warrior

    1 year ago

    Shout out to Pedro Cerano & Major League!

  • HAKURU_15


    1 year ago

    aw man resident evil 2 was the shit

  • ajbarber


    1 year ago

    Michael just gave me a reason to go back and finish RE6.

  • EireSniper


    1 year ago

    Loved this game. Though first time completing it as Leon that I realised that I had only actually completed one quarter of the game and still had to do Leon Scenario B and Claire Scenario A & B

  • SpartanA44


    1 year ago

    Claire has to be my favorite character, given that all of the other girls in Resident Evil suck.

  • robinjava


    1 year ago

    I never played two. Only RE I haven't played

  • LOWlifeSpIdEr

    LOWlifeSpIdEr CH - GwPS+

    1 year ago

    Easily my favorite game of all time!