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Comments (44)

  • danbonrp


    2 years ago

    the last was not a fail the guy prab put it there



    3 years ago

    the guy who stuck the banshee... was a red meta from RvB

  • RedNecro


    3 years ago

    #3 was not as much as a fail but it was very very cool.

  • SH4D0WZ0MB1E


    3 years ago

    Those Skyrim fails were hilarious.

  • xboxlover360


    3 years ago

    red 1: ya sniper rifle :)
    red 2: i saw it first
    red 1: no way
    red 2: die!!!!!
    red 1: nooo (dies)
    red 2: take that oh shi...(dies)
    driver: my bad hey look a sniper rifle
    passenger: no way i saw it first

  • Faierius


    3 years ago

    I adore the fails of the month videos. The commentary just makes them sooo much better.

  • TheAsassin


    3 years ago

    what's this? oh. its his lunch. XD

  • fansince2010

    fansince2010 NICE HAIR THOUGH

    3 years ago

    Hoppe73 Bungie no longer supports file shares. 343 (the company now in charge Halo) will have web-based file shares online this summer. In the meantime, Jack and Geoff are using the added difficulty of receiving fails submissions (have to search for them using the game's cumbersome system) as an excuse to clear out their no doubt large backlog of submissions. They won't accept submissions until 343 file shares go live. Same thing with HORSE maps, they will be doing PIG to stretch out heir cache.

  • agentg88


    3 years ago

    Seriously, get out of here. Nobody's going to buy your crap.

  • agentg88


    3 years ago

    That guy was just polishing his sword!