• Fails of the Year 2011

    Game Fails: Fails of the Year 2011

    Jack and Geoff look over the most liked videos on our GameFails channel ( http://youtube.com/gamefails ) and grab the 10 most YouTube liked. Enjoy!

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Comments (157)

  • hellxx


    2 years ago


  • TigressInfer


    2 years ago

    And number two is why yuo should always wear your seat belt kids. :P

  • waywardwizle


    2 years ago

    number 5 was actually my baby nephu

    i think

  • Keanu


    2 years ago

    oh man i think i busted a gut on this one

  • HBK88


    2 years ago

    Sweet me and my friends made the 2011 top fails as #9 i am the guy who gets shot first and killed by the shot gun by my friend michale and my friend ty is the guy who t-bags me and shoots michale in the back of the head and is then killed by michale and my other friend austain. AWSOME!!!!!!

  • Yawnski


    2 years ago

    If clip 5 is any indication, a Newfie with a car is a dangerous thing. My people love rum. And beer. And whiskey. Anything with alcohol. We have a problem. :(

  • Chris2594


    2 years ago

    #10 we're blasting off aaaaaaaaaggggggggaaaaiinn

  • Slatkis96


    2 years ago

    #9 Killed me Hahahahahaha! I am definetly doing that in the game hahahahahaha!!! :D

  • Slatkis96


    2 years ago

    #9 killed me hahahahahaha, that was fkin smart of the guy hahahahaha, I am definetly doing that in a game hahahaha! :P

  • MatthewWelsh


    2 years ago

    " Wait, I know you. YOUR THE TAX COLLECTOR!!!" disapears