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Comments (9)

  • TheCompFreak


    1 year ago

    Ray's reaction during the number 1 clip was amazing! I think I watched the final one like 10 times just because of Ray rofl

  • sampang


    1 year ago

    the battlefield 4 ladder one has happened to me before

  • lukeglover80

    lukeglover80 RT is Great!

    1 year ago

    lol #1 was great. I like Geoffs laugh in the background there ;)

  • godhandrox


    1 year ago

    # 1 was definitely the best. Embarrassing for both sides of that operation.

  • Minepie


    1 year ago

    Im glad to know that that thing in BF4 happened to someone else too

  • randomerey


    1 year ago

    That #1 spot tho....

  • CaButler


    1 year ago

    Number 1 certainly deserved that spot. Oh wow, man.

  • PhilB


    1 year ago

    i've had #3 happen to me before, it was truly a WTF moment.

  • DragonVoyd


    1 year ago

    [edit] never mind...

    Post edited 2/28/14 4:51PM