•  Achievement Hunter Presents: GO! #14

    GO!: Achievement Hunter Presents: GO! #14

    In the 14th episode of GO!, without using Halo: Spartan Assault and Spartan Wars, the guys have be the first person to beat any level in Halo.

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Comments (116)

  • mando1123


    7 months ago

    i am surprised that they didn't do lone wolf in halo reach or the sniper mission in reach with the forklift glitch.

  • Atacker101


    1 year ago

    gavin would have had it if he didn't die there, he was at the end xD

  • Sewerwrat446


    1 year ago

    i'm surprised no one did the last level in halo 1 or 3

  • booksds


    1 year ago

    Ray, with the Vav shirt.

  • HAKURU_15


    1 year ago

    i would of picked halo combat evolved last level or halo ODST the bridge mission

  • xRich747x


    1 year ago

    The very best part around 4:04
    Ray: HA HA It was all a ruse!
    Ryan: You son of a bitch!
    Good guy Ray betrays the R&R Connection

  • Agnt_Nevada

    Agnt_Nevada Nerd

    1 year ago

    Halo 2: Cairo Station on easy. Someone like Ray could do that in 5 minutes.

  • firefiame


    1 year ago

    At precisely 9:27 I realized my favorite achievement hunter was playing my favorite level on my favorite game with my favorite two weapons. Whoa.

  • muscles72


    1 year ago

    aparently jack forgot What he played was one of the longest levels in Halo Reach

  • BrandonGobre


    1 year ago

    did it take the 14 minutes, or did they edit it?