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Comments (19)

  • Stupkrou


    11 months ago

    Their internet is not shitty, its just that there is over 50 people using the same connection in RT, which makes it impossible to play any multiplayer game. Thats why they only do LAN

  • GorillaT


    1 year ago

    Starting to notice how much Ryan sucks

  • BenFBS93


    1 year ago

    Don't think i'd enjoy playing against Ray on COD

  • drew

    drew Duckster

    1 year ago

    So Ray won a Multiplayer GO! challenge in Call of Duty? unlikely >.>

  • AHuntress


    1 year ago

    @Gamerazilla Ryan is playing a different game entirely. He's going for the record for longest load time.

  • hibryd1


    1 year ago

    Gavin, the second you save by destroying your disk drive hasn't helped you in any single episode of GO! whatsoever, is it really worth it?

  • Emerald_D


    1 year ago

    Drop shot?! Ray, I can't believe you do that!

  • Gamerazilla


    1 year ago

    Are Jack and Ryan still in the go for GO!? I can't remember Ryan even making into the beginning of a game these last few GO!s.

  • 3DAssassin


    1 year ago

    wow, dat horrible internet, well what do you expect when peak usage is probably from 9 to 7 (or later) where they work

  • Acewavelink


    1 year ago

    So, can we just rename this series "Ray Wins Pizza!"