• Achievement Hunter Presents: GO! #42

    GO!: Achievement Hunter Presents: GO! #42

    In the 42nd episode of GO!, the first person to punch-out five different people in five different games becomes this week's victor and gets a sticker to add to their collection.

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Comments (41)

  • Tazzlez60


    1 year ago

    Queen playing in the background at the restaurant... Yis....

  • venim


    1 year ago

    Since when are onions people???

  • jonezy32156


    1 year ago

    ryan was right fear the cows

  • musicisum405

    musicisum405 Huntress

    1 year ago

    It's not so much that he is winning a pizza party for himself, as he is winning a pizza party for everyone!

  • ParaMigi


    1 year ago

    Haha very subtle there at the end, Michael xD

  • AlanWake


    1 year ago

    If Ray wins every single week then why not let Ray run GO and geoff can compete instead? That way ray couldnt possiably win anymore and we get to watch geoff lose ^^

  • CaptainAlpha

    CaptainAlpha Hero

    1 year ago

    Great video guys, congrats on another pizza party. Don't worry Gav, you're victory will happen eventually. Just maybe not in GO...

  • CaptainAlpha

    CaptainAlpha Hero

    1 year ago

    Oh no! They mentioned another celebrity by name! We need to get around-the-clock bodyguards and medics on Russel Crowe quick, before its too late!

  • Goldenarch


    1 year ago

    Time for Ray to be the host and let Geoff play now? That would be cool :)

  • VaggelisRVB


    1 year ago

    YES RAY ray is my favorite