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Comments (21)

  • BranstoneBoy


    1 year ago

    Nobody ever goes for a Lego game. Lego Lord Of The Rings has easy fishing in it.

  • RealShadow


    1 year ago

    This reminds me of the RT short where Geoff catches a magical talking fish and gets three wishes and uses his third to eat the fish. P.S. Jack the fox says and I quote "Show me the car fax". smiley0.gif

  • 95DemonEarth


    1 year ago

    I would just go on Skyrim and catch a fish in the water but ehh... whatever.

  • InsaneTacoz


    1 year ago

    Gavin's a fucking cheater.

  • ectomanom


    1 year ago

    Congrats, Jack!

  • Sakine


    1 year ago

    I was just watching an Assassin's Creed Let's Play from November and at the end of this video they said Jack's pizza was here, so I was thinking "spoiler alert?". Sooo pretty sure they just gave away that Jack wins GO, since i know they sometimes shot 2 or 3 episodes in the same day (it would make sense that they had the pizza party when they shot that). Well, I'm still gonna watch them anyways since it's entertaining, just a note AH: watch what you say, might spoil a different series.

  • neon88


    1 year ago

    They al thought that jack was gonna be slower too win and then his xbox crashes!

  • guy9876


    1 year ago

    So when someone wins, will there be the first Let's Eat?

  • heywes


    1 year ago

    Jack and Pizza, you cannot win!

    Go Big-man Jack!

  • tomatofield


    1 year ago

    I am loving this series!

    Love Ray too. LOL