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Comments (37)

  • ChrisCawley


    1 year ago

    They have to do a cease and desist first... I remember Toei Co. sent a cease and desist to NOLA Brewery for using the alleged image of Mechagodzilla on their Mechahopzilla beer cans...

  • Ghostofnight


    1 year ago

    You guys actually should probably sue that city for copyright infringement. If you do not enforce a copyright when you had both knowledge and ability to do so it sets a precedent for people to steal your work with impunity.

  • PlaneSite


    1 year ago

    Kdin going crazy at the end there...

  • SecretCows

    SecretCows CowSlayer

    1 year ago

    Ha. Real jobs-real careers.
    I love the conversation of the group Let's Builds.

  • ArthropodGuy


    1 year ago

    The Godzilla conversation really made me look forward to the experimental film and T.V. podcast stretch goal. The conversations are going to be fun.

  • Nickless


    1 year ago

    I'm loving these group Let's Builds. It's like an AH podcast. They're not really focusing on the build too much, just shooting the shit.

  • Gamerazilla


    1 year ago

    I thought the latest Godzilla movie was really good. So what, the monster fight is teased for a good 3/4 of the movie, you never actually see Jaws until around the end of that movie. The monster fight also definitely more than makes up for the flaws the movie has and turned me back into a 10 year old with how much I enjoyed it.
    Also, I feel like I've got to see Spaceballs again, let's hope the AH curse hasn't reached Mel Brooks.

  • Haploxx


    1 year ago

    Am I the only one that dislikes it when Lets Builds are released before they do the Let's Play. It feels like it would take away part of the experience if I watched it, guess I'll have to do audio only just for the banter.

  • Elyessi

    Elyessi RTX Press

    1 year ago

    Anyone else cringe when they see Jack skip a block?

  • noctis23


    1 year ago

    do anyone know the width and height of this thing??