• Let's Build - The Box Game

    Let's Play: Let's Build - The Box Game

    Geoff and Gavin build what they like to call "The Box Game" for a Thing to do in: Minecraft.

    Check out Things To Do In: Minecraft - Box Game - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRT4V0Y-wYc

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Comments (25)

  • Wayne27uk


    7 months ago

    Just noticed the hand holding the clip board was a right hand and so was the hand with the pen lol

  • muscles72


    2 years ago

    I like how JJ made the hand in the video is Geoffs hand But one Problem Geoff is left handed the hand in the video was Geoffs Right smiley3.gif

  • DFergs


    2 years ago

    Water Let's Plays?

  • theMadKatV


    2 years ago

    why was there a cat growling? Gavin what did you do?!

  • noobking87


    2 years ago

    What was that sound at the end? Creepy.

  • tati


    2 years ago


  • EoinOR


    2 years ago

    "Didn't you say they were from Sweden? Thought they were from Scandanavia". Really Gavin? I mean, c'mon.

  • EoinOR


    2 years ago

    So from what I gather from this video, Gavin had dinner then sex (or vice versa) the night before this Let's Build.

  • DarrenEdge


    2 years ago

    Would have been great if they'd set up a whole load of redstone torches around the edge and randomly in the middle. Then you place TNT and under your wool. That way you'd have to worry about connecting circuits but also people blowing up your squares.

  • BrandonK


    2 years ago

    A few Let's Builds ago I gave J.J. shit for screwing up the videos with his additions. Does anyone have any milk so I can eat my words?