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Comments (97)

  • nicks21


    1 year ago

    I hope they do a new one this one was great.

  • DentonA


    1 year ago

    they where on the lightish red team

  • MrMockus


    1 year ago

    This video was funny but the first half is rough because it doesn't really include half the cast

  • Karasaurus


    1 year ago

    Does this video still exist? I can't get it to open or anything :/

  • wildbill268


    1 year ago

    there should be a gametype like this in gta v

  • Shavalyoth


    1 year ago

    damn it i was eating cereal and now there's a mess all over my desk!!! i cant stop laughing!!!

  • broodwatch


    1 year ago

    we want more forza. maybe some forza 5

  • Daks

    Daks Jersey Devil

    1 year ago

    The amount of time Geoff spends laughing makes me impressed by his ability to still play.

  • Glovedog


    1 year ago

    I don't know why this was removed from youtube. Also, I love how Ray just sits there making car noises after his car gets destroyed by Geoff.

  • TubaDude92


    1 year ago

    Where did the video go? It doesn't exist for me.