• Let's Play - GTA V: Campaign

    Let's Play: Let's Play - GTA V: Campaign

    Michael and Kerry stay up way past their bedtimes and put some bustas in their place in Grand Theft Auto V for the Xbox 360. Dreams do come true!

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Comments (49)

  • Wayne27uk


    6 months ago

    My bro worked on this game and still does,just recently making the heist update for reference! Jealous much!?

  • ACargo


    1 year ago

    where is part 2

  • The_Random


    1 year ago

    all the dialog for Franklin is basicly "nigga nigga nigga nigga"

  • MrMajiggles


    1 year ago

    Ya know, I actually don't mind watching the droid add over and over again, I like the music.

  • Moose4565


    1 year ago

    Roof setting's is right on the D-pad

  • Silvador


    2 years ago

    I don't know why Michael was bitching about the driving in GTA IV. There was nothing wrong with it. Then again, I actually used the brake properly.

  • Muryai


    2 years ago

    You guys are killing me !

  • Mobius022


    2 years ago

    Am I the only one who was so terribly disoriented when the game suddenly dropped me into the prologue that I barely remember any of it? I haven't been that disoriented since the opening missions to Call of Duty 4, which was the first HD game I'd ever played (well, technically the second, but the first was a flying game, so it was different).

  • Hating4AM


    2 years ago

    Nice AVGN/Ghostbuster NES reference Michael! (43:25) :D

  • HAKURU_15


    2 years ago

    fuck all this dialogue is hilarious